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What is this ?

This is a student project made in Télécom SudParis and the ENSIIE for the formation Video Games and Digital Interaction by 5 students and a supervisor. This is a proof of concept used for the presentation of said project but its content is different from what will be in the final game. The goal here is to show how the game will play and what the various interactions will be like.

What will the final game be ?

Postcard from Smiceless Town is an investigation based adventure game with a branching narrative which takes place in 19th century England in a  small village. You play a courier who will start to discover strange and mysterious phenomena. You will have choices and various solutions to tackle a given issue. However, the way you solve problems will have consequences on the village.

How to play ?

Everything is playable with the mouse.
Click on the footprints (invisible until you hover them) to move around.
Click on people to talk to them and make choices.
Use your mousewheel to display or close the inventory (scroll down to display, up to close)
Right click on an item in your inventory to get a description.
Left click on an item and scroll up the inventory to interact with people using said item.


pauliuw - The Field Of Dreams

cynicmusic - Town Theme RPG

Joth - Bossa Nova

RandomMind / RandomMynd - Medieval: The Bard's Tale

Xenocity - 13 Unique Cursors!

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play !


PoscardFromSmicelessTown-POC.zip 144 MB

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