A downloadable emulator for Windows

Chip 8 emulator / interpreter made with Unity. 

You can move the camera by holding the scrollwheel and moving the mouse. You can zoom in/out with the scrollwheel and you can reset the rotation with a right click.

Pausing (Space by default or Escape) allows you to change the ROM and change the controls as well as tuning some emulation or visual options to your taste (example: enabling or disabling the possibility of choosing the sprite color when clicking on the sprite).  

The roms (.ch8) are not included, you can check there for a romset for example.

Install instructions

Download, unzip and launch ! You will need to download the roms separately in order to play them.


ChipChip0.2-windows.zip 83 MB
ChipChip0.1-windows.zip 74 MB

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